Aaron Stobulous

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Aaron Stobulous
I say, young man!
Birth name Trevor Anthony Barnabas
Nickname(s) The Grey Fox
Born (2226-09-03)September 3, 2226
Theta Boo
Died May 7, 2321(2321-05-07) (aged 94)
Asellus City, Theta Boo
Buried Founders Monument, Asellus City
Allegiance United Worlds Alliance (2308-2320)
Theta Boo (2275-2308)
Service Navy
Years of service 2275-2319
Rank Admiral
Commands held UWS Admiral of the Fleet
Asellus Home Commander
Asellus City Military Mayor

Aaron Anthony Stobulous (September 3, 2226 - May 7, 2327) was an Aselli naval captain who served as the first Admiral of the Fleet of the United Worlds Alliance during the formative years of the alliance. He was responsible for planning and supervising the defense of Theta Boo during the Colonial Independence Wars, and later planned the joint attack on the UK Stellar station at Arcturus, which proved to be the turning point of the conflict. He went on to negotiate the peace settlement at the end of the war, and became a staple within the United Worlds peacekeeping apparatus, overseeing the construction of the of the UWS Starlight.

Early Life

Not much is known about Stobulous' early life, as he wrote no memoir and rarely granted interviews. However, he had said that he was born in Dorchester Block, England of the UK Stellar Empire, had no siblings, and that his parents passed away during the Dorset Food Riots in 2240. Some time around 2258 Stobulous joined a deep space mine surveying company to as a pilot/surveyor. The company folded a few years later, and lost track of Stobulous, who had crash landed on a habitable planet in the Theta Boötis system after colliding with something high above the planet. He managed to survive crash landing in his survey vessel and survived there alone for nearly a year, before the arrival of animal-like humanoids that collectively called themselves Wanderers.

Theta Boo

The Wanderers landed their massive home-ships in Paradise Valley setting the the footprint for what would eventually become Asellus City. Stobulous welcomed them with open arms. He spent the next 15 years working with the Wanderers helping them to set up their new home. On August 3rd 2275, the UK Stellar Colony Ship Lennox entered orbit and was immediately hailed by Stobulous. He invited the leader of the colony ship, Anthony Barnabas, to the surface of the planet where they came to an agreement, the Asellus City Accord which would allow the UK Stellar colonists to join and live along side the Wanderers.

He formed the triumvirate of rulers on Theta Boo, himself in charge of the military, Barnabas, leader of the human colonists, and Kalu Venn, leader of the Wanderer colonists.

All is not well, the UK Stellar Government begrudgingly accepts the terms of the agreement, but a few years later they attack, sparking the Colonial Independence Wars.

Stobulous's silvery grey hair along with his shrewd leadership style and ability to pull victory from the jaws of defeat against a larger, better armed force earned him the nickname "Grey Fox".

The attack against Arcturus base and the slow grind to the armistice.

Project Starlight

Part of the armistice established the United World Alliance, and Stobulouswas made Admiral of the Fleet, and oversaw the construction of the UWS Starlight.

Shortly after the starlight was launched, he retired and spent the rest of days on Theta Boo.

Starlight Incident Timeline

The real truth for Aaron Stobulous is that he was actually Trevor Anthony Barnabas, the son of Anthony Barnabas who was sent back in time and was pivotal in helping correct the timeline that had been fouled by Chronus. Even with the timeline fixed, Trevor Barnabas had to disappear and go back to serve out his life as Stobulous.