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Name Die Usage
Proficiency c {{proficiency}}
Ability d {{ability}}
Boost b {{boost}}
Challenge c {{challenge}}
Difficulty d {{difficulty}}
Setback b {{setback}}
Name Symbol Usage
Triumph t {{triumph}}
Success s {{success}}
Advantage a {{advantage}}
Despair d {{despair}}
Failure f {{failure}}
Threat h {{threat}}

You can also do sizes! (90% is about right to fit into a line of text)
Name Die Usage
250% size c {{proficiency|size=250}}
90% size c {{Proficiency|size=90}}
50% size c {{Proficiency|size=50}}
250% size t {{Triumph|size=250}}
90% size t {{Triumph|size=90}}
50% size t {{Triumph|size=50}}