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This article has general information about the Starlight Gaming World. For other uses, see Starlight (disambiguation)

The Starlight Gaming World is set in a fictional future around the mid 22nd Century (current year: 2352), and the major countries of the earth still compete among the stars. The frontiers of mankind have slipped lose from the bonds of earth, and the very newest colonies can be found 80 light years away, and expanding daily. Travel through the firmament is not free, and money can be made by any enterprising type. It is a dangerous galaxy, and fortune favors the bold.



Humans are an bipedal hominid species that comes from Earth


The Asellans, also known as Wanderers six different species of creatures that live on Theta Boo. They are founding members of the United World Alliance.


Itani are colorful social lizards that tend to live in tight-knight communities.


Cydonians are a proud and honorable cat-like species.


Macedonians are diminutive rat-like creatures with an insatiable curiosity.


Manineans resemble large, upright salamanders, black with yellow spots.


Phaestyn are large, brown and black fur-covered ursines from Asellus colony who value strength - strength of will, character, etc, in all forms.


Thanos are wise, thoughtful philosophers and careful strategists that closely resemble ravens.

Major Powers

United Worlds Alliance

United Worlds Alliance is a union between several countries on earth and a number of earth's former colonies. It dictates trade, commerce, regulations and law enforcement and acts as a peace keeper between it's member organizations.

UK Stellar

A large empire based out of London.

North American Concord

Former parts of the US and Canada. After the US broke up in the mid-2000s, a period of war followed. Eventually peace was brokered, and the Concord was formed.

European Union

A political and economic union of based primarily in Europe.


A union of north and west African countries.


The Polish-Russia Alliance, the result of a war in eastern Europe in the mid-2000s.


Officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America, and a major player in the energy sector.


The People's Republic of China, the largest in terms of population in the colonies.


Japan has some smaller holdings through the known universe.


Persia is a conglomeration of middle-eastern countries with the seat of power in Tehran.

Other Powers


A highly organized criminal society. Unlike other large criminal organizations, the Knaves don't restrict membership based on ethnicity of country of origin.

Starlight Incident

The world is named after the UWS Starlight, who's adventures in saving the earth, the Wanderers and the very fabric of space and time itself from the Watchers and a being known as Chronos can be found here.