Theta Boötis

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Info about Theta Boötis

It goes by different names: Theta Boötis (after it's position within the Boötes constellation), Asellus Primus, and more colloquially Theta Boo.

Unaware of the planet had technologically advanced inhabitants, Humans colonists from the UK Stellar Empire aboard the HMS Lennos arrived on Asellus in 2275. The colonists, lead by Anthony Barnabas discovered that a long-missing planetary prospector and surveyor, Aaron Stobulous, had crashed landed there years before, and befriended the inhabitants. Barnabas, with Stobulous' help, were able to come to and agreement whereby the colonists could land and join Asellan society. The relationship between the colonists and the planet's inhabitants, who barely outnumbered the humans at the time were generally smooth, however tensions with the UK Stellar Command ran high, as The Empire saw the planet as belonging to them. Interstellar law dictated that the people to arrive on the planet had settling "rights" to it, The Empire didn't exactly view the native Asellans as "people" in the legal sense. While technically, that meant Stobulous had the right to the planet, having lived there for 30 years before the human colonists arrived, UK Stellar wanted the planet for their own and did what legal wrangling and excuse-making it for their own. Eventually, they dispatched warships under the guise of recovering and impound the ships and materials the colonists had taken with them to colonize the planet. The war that broke out saw heroes made of the Cydonian Asellan Kalu Venn, along with Stobulous who became well known for his cunning and ability to predict enemy troop movements and traps, earning him the nickname of the "Silver Fox of Theta Boo" (the name UK Stellar still insists on calling the planet) and Anthony Barnabas. The Empire's conduct also caused larger strife throughout the galaxy, as people on other UK Stellar colonies rose up in protest - The Empire sought to invalidate the "people-hood" of a newly met sentient race, which echoed the United Kingdom's colonial history on earth, and didn't sit well with many. Finally, the North American Concord joined in the fight against the Empire making it no longer just a colonial matter, but one that threatened peace on Earth. After the joining of another major Earth power, the back of the once-dominant force in known human space UK Stellar was broken, and the war came to an end, with The Empire agreeing to cease hostilities and give up it's claim to over half of it's colonial holdings.

With the conflict over, a new idea began to form throughout the galaxy - a way to promote a single peace throughout the galaxy, shared by the Asellans and people of Earth, thus Project Starlight was born - which eventually led to the creation of the Starlight Peacekeeping Taskforce under Stentor Clyde Evard.