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  • 2019 - The UK Completes it's separation from the European Union
  • October 22nd 2038 - Increasing nationalistic tension in the United States over the previous two decades resulted in increased home-grown terrorism and insurgencies against the government. Eroding confidence in the Federal Government leads to it's collapse on this day.
  • 2048 - Ten years of conflict and war finally comes to the end in North America, resulting in the formation of the North American Concord, a confederation of regional governments consisting of parts of the former United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • 2055 - The University of Miami concludes decades of climate research that resulted in several technologies help to begin reversing dangerous CO2 levels in the atmosphere. These breakthroughs lead to new theories and research into terraforming, which in turn lead to the first realistic proposals for colonization beyond earth.
  • 2063 - Researchers at LMU Munich announce a major breakthrough in fusion technology, creating the world's first practical Helium-3 reactor.
  • 2066 - Big Sky Energy Conglomerate forms the first permanent colony on the moon, for the express purpose of mining Helium-3.
  • 2104 - Glen Sorenson invents the first Mechanized Worker.
  • 2126 - The United Kingdom lands the HMS Victoria colony ship upon the surface Mars in Victoria Crater. They name the newly formed city Mars Prime, and Parliament votes to rename the country to the UK Stellar Empire to signify their turn towards the stars.
  • 2127-2128 - Several other countries touch down on the surface of Mars seeking to form their own colonies, during the Mars Land Rush. Many lives are lost in the pursuit.
  • 2131 - Pharmaceutical company Bayer AG unveil the first nano-machines, capable of not only delivering medicines directly to problem areas and patching up destroyed tissue, but facilitate a far less invasive man-machine interface than existed in the past. This causes an explosion of better performing Mechanized Workers and leads to more practical use of the machiens as Mechanized Soldiers and Mechanized LEOs become a thing.
  • 2133 - China strikes out the further than any other country, placing the first self-contained arcology on the surface of Callisto.
  • 2207 - The first Gravity Drive is invented by MIT
  • 2208 - A Gravity Drive is used on an unmanned probe sent towards Alpha Centauri
  • 2210 - The Einstein Field is first devised, meaning the dilation of time for traveling at high speeds is less of an issue.
  • 2212 - A radio signal from Alpha Centauri arrives back at earth, verifying that the test was successful. Three months later, MIT opens an Alpha Centauri campus, basically a space habitat module, mostly a PR campaign. A trip from earth to the "campus" takes a total of 8 days - four of which is through the interstellar medium between the two stars.
  • 2226 - Aaron Stobulous is born.
  • 2260 - Stobulous crash lands in Theta Boo
  • 2275 - HMS Lennos arrives at Theta Boo. News of the Wanderers spreads throughout the colonies - mankind has made contact with sentient life.
  • 2296 - Start of the Colonial Independence Wars
  • 2303 - End of the Colonial Independence Wars. The United Worlds Alliance is formed between earth and her former colonies.
  • 2304 - Project Starlight begins.
  • 2321 - Aaron Stobulous passes away on Theta Boo.
  • 2330 - Insurgents seize a military base on Sirius, starting a 3 year conflict that at points threatened the security of the Sol system.
  • 2314 - The UWS Starlight leaves dock for the first time and begins her mission.
  • 2352 - Current year.