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Code Description Code Description
ABGA Age of Rebellion Beginner Game Adventure Book GCRB Genesys Core Rulebook
ABGR Age of Rebellion Beginner Game Rulebook GHC Gencon 2017 Haunted City Module
ACRB Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook GMK Game Master’s Kit
BTR Beyond the Rim GOD Ghosts of Dathomir
CCC Community Created Content HD Hidden Depths
COTG Chronicles of the Gatekeeper IARAD Imperials and Rebels Adversary Deck
COTGAD Citizens of the Galaxy Adversary Deck JOY Jewel of Yavin
DA Desperate Allies KTP Keeping the Peace
DC Dangerous Covenants LBE Lead by Example
DITW Dead in the Water LONH Lords of Nal Hutta
DOH Disciples of Harmony MPQ Mask of the Pirate Queen
DOR Dawn of Rebellion ND No Disintegrations
EBGA Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Adventure Book NOP Nexus of Power
EBGR Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Rulebook OAA Onslaught at Arda I
ECRB Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook OS Operation Shadowpoint
ETU Enter the Unknown RAGP Rescue at Glare Peak
EV Endless Vigil ROT Realms of Terrinoth
BGA Force and Destiny Beginner Game Adventure Book SAVAD Scum and Villainy Adversary Deck
FBGR Force and Destiny Beginner Game Rulebook SM Special Modifications
FC Fly Casual SOF Suns of Fortune
FCRB Force and Destiny Core Rulebook SOR Strongholds of Resistance
FH Far Horizons SOT Stay on Target
FIB Forged in Battle SS Savage Spirits
FLT Friends Like These Starlight Starlight
FO Fully Operational UP Unlimited Power