Fomalhaut Ivory

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Fomalhaut Ivory is a pearlescent white and blue chitinous substance composing the main part of the carapace of the Fomalhaut Armadillo, a species native to Fomalhaut 5. The carapace of the armadillo can range from as small two-by-two feet up to six-by-six and even eight-by-eight feet, and up to 3 feet thick on the oldest and largest of Armadillos. Fomalhaut Ivory is illegal across the UWS due to the endangered status of the armadillo, which has slow growth cycle, long gestation period, and low birth rate that combined with severe over-hunting that nearly wiped the creature out a few decades after humans first landed Fomalhaut 5. Fomalhaut Ivory is still highly coveted by the ultra rich for its attractive appearance and use in a variety of luxury goods, from jewelry to furniture.